Friday, January 6, 2012

Cali Skater "Bugs Out" In Manhattan Hotel

A pro skateboarder went on a naked rampage and was arrested Thursday after a drug-fueled escapade inside a mid-town Manhattan hotel.

Jereme Rogers, 26, was flying high on drugs when he ran naked from his room at the Affinia Shelburne hotel and ripped down framed paintings from the 11th floor hallway, according to the New York Post.

Rogers, who has two tattoos on his neck which define his philosophies on life—"I Fear No Man" and ""In God I Trust"— joins a long list of celebrities who trashed New York hotel rooms including Johnny Depp and Charlie Sheen.

Maybe Rogers heard Van Halen— who were banned from Holiday Inns for life— was in town kicking off their new tour and went gonzo as a tribute.

The heavily-tattooed skateboarder who has appeared in several X Games— and claims his four-wheeled skills come from God— was taken to Bellvue Hospital for evaluation after being charged with criminal mischief and possession of marijuana, according to police.

The Redondo Beach-based Rogers apologized after the incident and said he "ate some [psychedelic] mushrooms and bugged out."

Witnesses claim the skater boy's outburst happened around 9 a.m. after he ran down the hall screaming about how he "was the son of God."

This isn't the first time Rogers went on a naked rant.

In 2009, the Transworld Skateboarding magazine's 2005 rookie-of-the-year was arrested in Redondo Beach after he stripped nude and started yelling from a rooftop.  Cops had to pull him down.

In an interview in, Rogers claimed God has given him his special skills on a skateboard.

"I believe He strategically place me here, so I could try to put out a message, you know?," he said.  "Use this stuff for good."

Spread the message dude.  Just leave your pants on.

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