Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Giants Victor Cruz Shows Knicks Crowd His Salsa Moves

New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz has been wowing fans with his game breaking catches and touchdown celebrations all season long.  Cruz's salsa steps done to a Latin beat have become the hit of MetLife Stadium.

On Monday night, Cruz was court side at The New York Knicks-Toronto Raptors game at Madison Square Garden and showed New York what all the excitement is all about out in New Jersey.

When Cruz was introduced to the crowd, he stood up and did his thing to the amusement of Knicks fans and, at half time, showed MSG reporter Jill Martin how to shake it herself.


The salsa is intended to be done with a partner, but when a dancer breaks off to do a solo— like Cruz does with his signature TD moves— they call it "shines" because it is your moment to shine and show off.

Cruz has been shining a lot this season and maybe it will catch on with the Knicks (2-3) who dropped the game, 90-85, to the lowly Raptors.

The 25-year-old  Paterson, N.J. native— who is part Puerto Rican— was asked by Martin what are the chances he might appear on "Dancing With The Stars."

"Slim and none," Cruz laughed.

While Cruz's dance moves have become a sensation with Giants fans, some opposing players claim he has two left feet.

Cowboys wide receiver Laurent Robinson mocked Cruz by imitating the Giant player's caliente salsa moves after the Dallas player caught a TD pass in Sunday's do-or-die game.

But Cruz had the last dance after he caught a couple of key passes that sent the Giants into the playoffs while the Cowboys two-stepped their way back to Texas.

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