Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vernon Davis Keeps Showing His Softer Side by Singing Adele's "Someone Like You"

Wow!  Vernon Davis is really showing his softer side.  The San Francisco 49ers tight end— who was last seen tearing up on the sidelines at Candlestick Park on Saturday— got in front of a microphone and belted out Adele's hit love song, "Someone Like You," for a local web-cam show.

The English singer-songwriter's weeper is a resignation to a lost love and contains the lyrics: "I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited" and "I am bound by surprise by your glory days."


Not exactly bulletin board material for the New York Giants— as they roll into San Francisico to meet the 49ers in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday— but probably enough for a good laugh.

Davis was coaxed into belting out his off-key version of the song on "The Joe Show," an online comedy web show on

Davis caught the last second TD pass that beat the New Orleans Saints, 36-32, last weekend and sent San Francisco into the championship game.  After his game-winner, he had tears of joy running down his face as he was hugged by teammates.

The sensitive side of Davis is quite a reversal from the insubordinate, young player who was pulled in the midst of a game for taunting an opponent by head coach no-nonsense Mike Singletary only a few years ago.

When Davis sang Adele's words," I wish nothing but the best for you," you can bet they weren't for Giants defensive linemen, Justin Tuck or Jason Pierre-Paul,  who hope Davis will be singing the blues on Monday's show.


  1. Yikes, good thing football is working out well for him. Linked at my site

  2. Soul singers everywhere are lining up to work with Vernon after this! LOL!