Sunday, January 1, 2012

Romo Uses Left Hand During During Coin Toss Handshake

Tony Romo's right hand was still so swollen before Sunday night's do-or-die game against the New York Giants, he used his left one to shake his opponents hands during the coin toss.

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback's right throwing hand was "swollen from the fingertips to about three or four inches up his wrist," according to NBC Sports broadcaster Cris Collinsworth.

The puffy, purple and yellow hand and fingers looked like they could belong to Homer Simpson if Romo was missing a digit.


Romo injured the hand last week after he slammed it into a charging defensive lineman's helmet on the follow through of a pass.  He left the game after his hand swelled up.

When asked how the hand was doing before Sunday's game at MetLife Stadium, Romo replied, "Feels Great.  I feel like I'm gonna do something special."

The only people who shake left-handed are Boy Scouts.  Men have been greeting each other with their right hands since the days of Julius Caesar.  The right hand was considered the weapon holder and outstretching it showed your opponent that it was free of any menace.

Maybe Romo knows this and is hiding some kind of trick in his bloated right hand.

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