Sunday, November 3, 2013

Troy Polamalu prays on sidelines during 55-31 loss to Patriots (Video)

Troy Polamalu is one of the most spiritual players in the NFL but even a direct line to who art in heaven (and not Art Rooney) could have helped the Steelers avoid a 55-31 thrashing by the Patriots.

That didn't stop the Pittsburgh defensive back from making the sign of the cross more than a few times while on the pew bench at Gillette Stadium as the game was winding down.

Maybe he was just signaling for the Father, the Son and the Galloping Ghost.


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  1. You've got some great posts. Like reading your site. But the one above is rude. He takes that seriously, don't make fun of him for it. THere's plenty of other stuff that is great fodder for comedy.