Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Brandon Marshall's wife has response to Cullen Jenkins' 'girl' insult during Jets-Giants game

Cullen Jenkins got a little up-close-and-personal — maybe too personal — with Brandon Marshall during the Jets-Giants game on Sunday.

You remember, Marshall said he got into it with Jenkins because Jenkins "disrespected" Marshall's wife with a comment he made as the halftime buzzer sounded at MetLife Stadium.

“Some things are off-limits, and he made a comment,” Marshall said. “He said my ‘girl.’ He didn’t know I was married. I don’t care. There’s not enough money on this earth for someone to disrespect my wife.”

Well, on Tuesday night's episode of Showtime's "Inside the NFL," Marshall's wife, Michi, got a chance to respond to Jenkins and praise how her husband rushed to her defense. Michi was a guest on the show, which has Marshall as a regular panelist.

"Well, I didn't know what happened until afterward," she said. "Even the next day, I got a text [regarding Marshall confronting Jenkins] that said, 'Oh, it's so sweet.' It's like: What happened? But I will say, chivalry is not dead, and I'm happy about that. But because it wasn't a detriment to the team, I'm OK with it." 

She was probably referring to the fact that Marshall wasn't penalized for the verbal exchange on this play: 

Marshall also spoke about the incident again during the show.

"Hey, crime of passion, man," he said. "Listen, there are some things that are off limits on the football field. And I think talking about guys' kids and wives is off limits. But I have to say, Cullen Jenkins is a stand-up guy. He not only apologized during the game, but he called me [Monday] and also apologized again."

Chivalrous and forgiving. What a guy.

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