Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Turkish soccer player charged with 'attempted manslaughter' for kicking opponent in face (VIDEO)

A red card was just the beginning of problems for Mehmet Degirmenci, an amateur soccer player from Turkey who's been charged with "attempted manslaughter" for brutally kicking an opponent in the face.

It looked like any other foul after Degirmenci tripped Kayhan Karakas from behind, earning a well-deserved red card from the referee.

But Degirmenci was far from done. Instead of leaving the field, he turned to his fallen victim and unleashed a vicious kick to Karakas' unprotected face that nearly knocked him out cold, Karakas later told The Daily Sabah of Turkey.

Karakas, who blacked out from the kick and needed nine stitches to repair the damage, pressed "attempted manslaughter" charges against Degirmenci, The Daily Sabah reported.

Facing mounting criticism and possible jail time, Degirmenci, who has been kicked off the team, explained his actions to Hürriyet of Turkey, via Deadspin, claiming that he snapped after Karakas insulted his mother.

Suddenly that Josh Norman-Odell Beckham Jr. spat seems sort of tame.

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