Sunday, December 27, 2015

Eagles Pro Bowler Jason Peters quit on coach Chip Kelly during loss

For all those Eagles fans who just gave up on their team while Philadelphia got beat down by the Redskins Saturday night, well... they had company with a player who was still on the field.

Jason Peters removed himself from the 38-24 blowout in the fourth quarter, after it became clear that Chip Kelly’s well publicized offensive scheme had failed once again — and the Eagles would not be going to the playoffs. 

“I’m not going to get hurt for this,” Peters told people on the Eagles’ sideline, according to Fox 29 in Philadelphia.

The perennial All-Pro, who just last week was named to his eighth Pro Bowl, said he didn’t want to risk injury for a team that wasn’t going to the playoffs, according to the Philadelphia Daily News.

And the only reason the Eagles stood a chance of making the postseason is because of the pathetic NFC East.

The 33-year-old quitting on the team is not nearly the first blow against Kelly, but it may be the most telling. The one-time offensive genius from the University of Oregon, whose high-octane offense was all the rage, has seen nothing but disappointment and condemnation in Philadelphia.

Kelly nearly completely overhauled the team with unpopular moves this offseason, dealing its quarterback (Nick Foles) and star running back (LeSean McCoy), as well as sending several star wide receivers out of town (DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin) the past few years.

Things came to a head when McCoy directed charges of racism towards Kelly.

Kelly might be one of the sorriest things about the NFL right now, at least in Philly, but Peters crybaby move represents something that seems to be wrong in sports and the world.

Namely, self-entitlement.

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