Tuesday, December 29, 2015

EIHL hockey player goes over glass to attack opponent in penalty box (VIDE)

During Sunday’s Elite Ice Hockey League game between the Manchester Storm and the Fife Flyers, Storm left wing Devin DiDiomete was sent to the penalty box for a check to the head of Danny Stewart, the Flyers forward and associate coach in the UK league.

Seconds later, DiDiomete was told he was ejected and began his skate of shame back to the locker room, but not before he managed to get in a few more words to Stewart.

That when You talkin' to me, mate? turned into fisticuffs after DiDiomete pulled himself over the glass into the penalty box and began punching his opponent.

After the game, Manchester also filed a complaint with the Department of Player Safety that DiDiomete had been bitten before his ejection.

Decisions on both incidents are expected to be made on Wednesday.

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