Thursday, December 17, 2015

Eli Manning says he’s been working on touchdown dance routine

Nobody will ever confuse Eli Manning and Cam Newton on the playing field in any way, shape or dab. But, when the two quarterbacks square off this Sunday at MetLife Stadium, don't be surprised if you see Eli bust a move or two.

Asked if he has a dance routine that compares to Newton’s, Manning, in his best deadpan face, said that he has one in the works.

“I haven't polished it up yet,” he said Wednesday. “It’s got more work to do. It’s been in progress for 12 years. It’s still a little rusty. I haven’t fine-tuned it yet. But when it’s ready I’ll break it out. I’ve put in a lot of time in the offseason and Tuesdays doing it, but it doesn’t feel right yet.”

But the rest of the Giants locker room had a hard time imagining Manning performing as elaborate a dance as Newton. And the fact that Eli is no Victor Cruz does gives his teammates some cause for concern.

“If he dabbed, they might flag us for celebrating,” defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins said. “I don’t even know if he knows what it is.”

“Maybe Odell might teach him. You never know.”

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