Thursday, December 31, 2015

Flyers' Claude Giroux scores sneaky goal on faceoff (VIDEO)

Claude Giroux broke his six-game goal-scoring drought with what might be the most unique goal of the year.

The Flyers captain lined up for a faceoff against the Sharks on the offensive side of the ice and put his hand on his stick as though he would be sending it back to one of his teammates. But as soon as the puck hit the ice, Giroux deftly shot the puck towards San Jose goalie Martin Jones, who was caught slightly off guard.

Jones tried to knock the puck down with his mask, but instead deflected it between his own legs and in. 

And this was something Giroux apparently had up his sweater sleeve for a while. Flyers analyst Chris Therrien said he was informed that Giroux had been practicing that move for a while, and spent extra time on it during the Flyers' most recent practice.

A goal is a goal, eh?

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