Monday, December 7, 2015

Woman's half-court shot for $250,000 may be worst fail ever (VIDEO)

A young woman hoping to bank $250,000 by making a basketball shot from center court failed so miserably that her heave is being called the worst half-court shot in history.

The woman known only as Sally, had a chance for the quarter mil during a halftime contest at the nationally-televised Cairns Taipans-Sydney Kings game at the Cairns Convention Centre in Australia on Friday night.

A video shows Sally, all gung-ho in her backwards baseball cap, skipping down the court bouncing the ball like a five-year-old before stopping at the center line and clumsily tossing it towards the hoop.

I said towards.

Maybe a career in basketball isn't in Sally's future, but if anyone needs a makeup artist before that Goth convention or Halloween, she might be available.

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