Saturday, December 19, 2015

Barclays Center implements new booze policies at Islanders games after brawl (VIDEO)

Barclays Center is planning to cut off serving booze earlier during future games in response to a viral video of an ugly brawl at Tuesday's Islanders game inside the Brooklyn arena.

Several witnesses in attendance at the Islanders-Panthers game claimed Barclays Center security roughed up some fans.

The man and woman, who have not been identified, were reportedly standing in a handicapped area when security stepped in. A scuffle ensued and a video shows a man on the ground surrounded by a number of blazer-wearing security personnel. Although the video shows fans going after the security personnel as well.

As a result of the scuffle, Barclays Center issued a statement on Friday outlining new measures for its staff and patrons at Islanders games following an altercation in the stands during Tuesday’s game.

“On Tuesday night, December 15, there was an altercation during an Islanders game when arena staff tried to restrict guests from accessing an unauthorized area,” the statement said. “Management immediately initiated an investigation, including reviewing all videos, meeting with staff and speaking to fans who were involved in, or witnessed, the incident. Law enforcement authorities were also notified of the incident. Any parties found to have acted inappropriately or in violation of arena policies, and of course the law, will be dealt with accordingly.”

Barclays Center is also implementing a five-point plan going forward:

*Reinforce security and guest services training with staff.

*Further communicate Barclays Center alcohol policies to fans, which includes two-drink-per-purchase limit.

*End beer and alcohol sales at the end of the second intermission.

*Convene season-ticket-holder focus groups within 30 days to discuss arena-fan relations.

*Remind all guests of Barclays Center’s zero tolerance for any type of racial or discriminatory language or behavior.

There will be no changes to the alcohol policy for Nets games or other events.

The NHL does not have a league-wide policy on when to end alcohol sales and leaves it up to each venue to make the call on last call.

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