Monday, December 21, 2015

Carolina Panthers player with bat seen heading towards Giants sideline before game (VIDEO)

Anyone looking for an explanation for why New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. retaliated so many times with so many cheap shots aimed at Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman during Sunday's 38-35 loss, ESPN's Adam Schefter offered up one possibility.

The reporter posted this scenario on his Facebook page Monday afternoon before Beckham got fined and suspended one game by the NFL:

"In pregame warmups, at least one Panthers official, and possibly more, carried black baseball bats on to the field and were motioning with them towards Odell Beckham Jr. while making comments to him, per a league source. Norman later grabbed the black bat and was swinging it in pregame warmups – which, by the way, an NFL Films camera captured. Beckham, according to another source, felt threatened and it helped put him in a certain frame of mind. It does not excuse what he did during the course of the game, but it does explain what led up to the battle that still is the talk of the league today."

Here's the video:

A video posted by New York Giants (@nygiants) on

At least one baseball bat was in the Panthers' possession during warmups, according to a source, but this is nothing new for Carolina. It's a motivational tactic the Panthers have used for several games — the bats are symbolic for making home-run plays. 

And although several Giants players also said they saw OBJ getting into it with a few Panthers players before the heart-breaking loss, they claim he was being threatened and having homophobic slurs hurled towards him around the time one of the players gave the bat to Norman.

Beckham was called for three personal fouls — including one when he launched himself head first right into Norman's helmet.

The NFL might want to check players for switchblades and brass knuckles next week.

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