Thursday, April 10, 2014

Justin Rose shows off short game golf skills on pool table (VIDEO)

How does a player relax before the biggest golf tournament in the world especially after you are already being called a "strong favorite" to win it all.

Well if you are Justin Rose you hit the felt instead of the greens.

Rose found an unorthodox way to practice his short game skills on a pool table ahead of this week's Masters, which begins at Augusta National on Thursday. The Brit showed off the trick shots with a couple of very entertaining Instagram videos that would impress both Tiger and The Black Widow — equally.

In one clip, the US Open champion makes an impressive chip shot from off the floor, which he lands a golf ball on the pool table cloth, skips it over two obstacle balls and sinks it into a corner pocket.

Rose then climbed onto the table for his second trick shot and putted his golf ball into a second, which then sank into a corner pocket for a par one.

Rose is one of the leading contenders heading into the event in Georgia this week and if there is a rain delay, he can still practice in the rec room.

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