Saturday, April 12, 2014

Student loses chance at $1 million on Wheel of Fortune in most embarrassing way (VIDEO)

This student from Indiana University has to be the worst Wheel of Fortune contestant ever.

Julian blew a chance to win $1 million on the popular game show after he had the puzzle fully filled in and solved, but then lost because he pronounced Achilles like “A-chill-us.”

Because of that mistake, the show decided not to give him the win and instead, a female contestant from Texas A&M next to him stole the victory with a correct pronunciation of the "mythological hero" without showing an ounce of guilt.

To be honest, to win the full $1 million Julian would have had to overcome some other hurdles as well. But still.

Happily, Julian got a second chance later in the show, this time to win a car. Again, he had the entire puzzle solved except for two letters and still couldn’t come up with “The World’s Fastest Man” even though he was told it was a “person.” With only the “m” and “n” missing, he guessed “c.”

Seems like puzzles are poor Julian's Achilles Heel.

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