Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Little Astros fan gets foul ball from Nolan Ryan (VIDEO)

Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan was a Houston Astros starter from 1980-1988, but on Tuesday, Ryan gained two new Astros fans who wouldn't know The Ryan Express from a Panda Express.

In the eighth inning of the Nationals-Astros matchup, Washington shortstop Ian Desmond fouled one of Chad Qualls' pitches into the netting behind home plate — directly in front of the Astros' executive advisor. Ryan muscled the wedged ball (he might need an Advil after that knuckle-buster) out of the netting cable to give to a tiny fan.

The little girl was pretty psyched to get a gift (and a souvenir from MLB's all-time strikeout leader):

But even more generous was the little lady — who gave the ball to her teary-eyed brother:

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