Tuesday, April 15, 2014

ECHL hockey fans litter the ice with underwear after goal (Video)

Fans of the Bakersfield Condors would probably give the ECHL team the shirts off their backs for a win but, when it comes to winning hearts for charity, they offer up even more.

During the 'Undie Sunday' game against the Las Vegas Wranglers, the home fans littered the ice with over 6,000 pieces of underwear and socks after Joel Broda scored a goal with 1:02 left in regulation.

The Condors were going by “Teddy Bear Toss” rules, meaning that a goal needed to be scored before the fans tossed their unmentionables (and socks) from the stands. So that late score must have had fans hanging on to their knickers in anticipation.

But before you start thinking skid marks, shriveled waistbands and toe holes — the underwear and socks tossed on the ice were new and still in their packages — and nobody dropped trou.  At least we hope so.

From the Condors organization, a roundup of the clothing picked up:

Undie Sunday brought a rain of underwear, socks, bras, diapers and socks down onto the ice. Nearly 6,000 clothing items were collected, including 1,096 pairs of socks, 2,773 pair of underwear, 1,747 diapers and 55 bras, among other items. The items will be donated to the Mission at Kern County and the Kern County Network for Children.

Good stuff.

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