Tuesday, April 29, 2014

MMA fighter Cathal Pendred saves a beached baby dolphin (PHOTOS)

On Sunday morning, The Ultimate Fighter 19 competitor Cathal Pendred was out for a walk on an Irish beach with his girlfriend when he spotted a group of concerned people looking into the ocean.

As it turns out the crowd was gathered because a baby dolphin had washed up on shore, injured and frightened, it unable to get back into the ocean without the currents pushing him onto the beach.

"I was at a wedding down the countryside on the west coast of Ireland on Saturday," said Pendred.  "The next day, myself and my girlfriend went for a walk on the beach which was right beside the hotel we were staying in."

That's when the MMA fighter then sprung into action. Up against ocean currents and rocky terrain, he did his best to get the beached dolphin back into the water.

Pendred said he tried to push the dolphin out past the waves but he continued to get washed back in. The little guy was bleeding and had a lot of cuts so I think it was due to these injuries that he wasn't strong enough to swim past the break.

It wasn't three rounds in the cage, but it was a struggle said Pendred. He was able to get the job done in about an hour. 

"It wasn't my typical walk on the beach, but I felt great about it afterwards," Pendred said.

Who knew they had dolphins in Ireland?

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