Saturday, April 19, 2014

Here's MLB's new protective cap for pitchers (PHOTO)

Major League Baseball approved a protective cap in January for pitchers designed to minimize the injuries caused by being hit by batted balls, especially line drives drilled back to the mound. 

On Friday, the Toronto Blue Jays’ Todd Redmond showed off the latest model.

The cushioned safety plates, made by isoBLOX, are sewn into the hat and custom fitted. The caps weigh an extra six to seven ounces and protect the forehead, temples and sides of the head.

Designers say testing shows the caps provides protection from line drives up to 90 mph in the front of the head and 85 mph on the side.

Several pitchers have been hurt by line drives in recent years. The latest was Cincinnati Red reliever Aroldis Chapman, who underwent surgery for broken bones in his left eye and had a titanium plate inserted into his head. 

When MLB's approval was announced, Bruce Foster, CEO of the 4Licensing Corporation, parent company of isoBLOX, said, "It's not going to be a [Great] Gazoo hat."

Maybe we should call them the Bedrock Blue Jays.

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