Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cops disperse Dinkytown streets after Gophers lose title game (VIDEO)

Win or lose, Minnesota fans sure know how to take it to the streets.

Gopher fans poured out into the streets of Dinkytown on Saturday night after the Gophers lost 7-4 to Union College in the final game of NCAA Championship Tournament.

Administrators and police warned students prior to Saturday they wouldn’t tolerate a repeat of celebration that got out of hand like on Thursday night after they won the semifinal game.

It looks like the kids didn't listen.

And even messed with this KMSP reporter:

Two nights ago, police in riot gear arrested 10 University of Minnesota students after hundreds took to the streets of D-Town following the Gophers’ stunning last-second win over North Dakota in the Frozen Four.

University of Minnesota police and city of Minneapolis police prepared for Saturday’s game by having 300 police patrolling the area.

Fans began filing into the intersection of 14th Street Southeast and Fourth Street Southeast roughly 20 minutes after the game ended.

At first fans were just standing in the intersection, but as time passed they began to get more rowdy while officers blocked off the intersection but stayed on standby, warning students that they should return home. Some fans reportedly threw things and others climb on top of a car. Officers swarmed the car and cleared fans off quickly.

Other reports that a couch was set on fire, signs were ripped down and that a fight broke out at a local bar. A number of students began laying down in the streets in what seemed to be a protest against the police presence. Police were once again in their riot gear and warned students they would not tolerate any riotous behavior. 

Here's Thursday nights festivities after the win:

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