Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rangers-Flyers fans brawl in stands during game (VIDEO)

Things turned ugly in Philadelphia on Tuesday night when a melee broke out in Section 209 during Game 6 of the Rangers-Flyers playoff matchup.

The fight occurred in the waning minutes of the contest in which the Rangers were soundly defeated 5-2 inside the Wells Fargo Center. A video from a fan in the section was quickly uploaded to YouTube which show Rangers and Flyers fans both slugging it out.

Chants of “Rangers Suck!” erupted soon after one reportedly boisterous Rangers fan was pulled backward from one row to another and punched repeatedly in the face by two men.

Here's a couple of video angles from the nose bleeds:

According to Chris Friess, the fight escalated after Rangers fans “refused to leave after the ushers told them to go for their safety.”

You can hear a woman's voice in the video pleading with the combatants to "Chill."

The venue's  VP of security said the facility could not comment on particulars about the skirmish, though a pair of security guards were overhead talking about amount of blood on an “idiot Flyers fan’s face.”

Police said no arrests were made related to the fight.

Game 7 is Wednesday night, back in the friendly confines of Madison Square Garden.

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