Monday, April 21, 2014

Notorious late-night Manhattan hangout for athletes shut down by authorities: Report

A pair of notorious Manhattan nightclubs favored by many famous athletes — and the location of a rash of violent incidents involving them — has been closed by the City of New York.

Troubled Soho celebrity hot spots Greenhouse and W.i.P. were raided by cops and shut down over the weekend — and they may never reopen, sources told The New York Post.

The Varick Street nightclubs were closed down by the police early Saturday for having too many customers and blasting music above the legal limit, the sources said.

A day later, a sign outside the club claimed it was closed for renovations, with no indication of when the doors would reopen.

The sister clubs made headlines eight days ago when a Greenhouse brawl that broke out between some University of South Carolina football players and a club promoter ended with one of the players stabbed and the promoter’s face smashed.

The violence erupted at around 3 a.m. April 11 in the VIP room, where a group that included some NFL prospects from South Carolina objected to another group allegedly smoking pot, sources said.

Sources said cops want to question defensive tackle Kelcy Quarles and cornerback Victor Hampton — who are expected to be snapped up at next month’s NFL draft — about the assault.

They have not been charged.

The most high profile incident involving an athlete happened upstairs at W.i.P.  when a 2012 fight sparked by a feud between musicians Drake and Chris Brown allegedly over singer Rihanna turned into a bottle-throwing melee.

San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker suffered a serious injury to his eye after innocently getting caught in the crossfire before suing the owners.

A judge shut both sites down for 10 days after that brawl.

Well guys, there's still the 40/40 Club. Just avoid the allure of Rihanna.

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