Monday, April 28, 2014

Dad kicks his 6-year-old son down a skateboard ramp for stalling (VIDEO)

An over-stoked Florida father was booted from a local skate park after he was caught kicking his 6-year-old son down a skateboard ramp.

Marcus Crossland was apparently impatient with his son when the boy took too much time to roll down the half-pipe, dubbed Big Brown — the biggest ramp at Kona Skate Park — when he kicked him down the 15-foot drop on Friday afternoon.

The little boy was not hurt but you can hear him cry out at the bottom of the ramp.

Crossland reportedly said that kicking his son down the ramp was the only way to teach the boy how to “drop in.”

“I asked him why is he doing this,” the teen who filmed the idiotic stunt told First Coast News. “Because he needs to learn,” Crossland allegedly answered back.

“Do you think you can raise him better than me?” Crossland then asked.

Crossland was apparently filled with regret once he was booted from the park.

“(Crossland) said he was just caught up in the moment,” park operator Martin Ramos said. “He seemed very remorseful. He certainly understands the gravity of the situation and it seems like he is going to be answering to this thing for quite some time to come.”

It was not immediately clear if Crossland would face any criminal charges.

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