Saturday, April 5, 2014

Cuban and Trump get into rich guys spat over Buffalo Bills: Report

One big  question still remains — after the death of Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson last week — is what happens to the organization now that the beloved NFL pioneer has passed on.

Somehow real estate mogul and reality TV star Donald Trump has thrown his wispy hairdo into the mix and says he is the only person who can keep the team in western New York.

"People have actually talked to me about the Bills," Trump proclaimed. "I mean, the group of people called me — would I be interested in investing, and I'll take a look at it. I mean, I look at a lot of things. I'll take a look at it."

Well, Mark Cuban is one person who does not believe Trump can afford to purchase the Bills all by himself ... a statement that Trump says a fireable offense to his ego, reports TMZ.

Trump went as far as comparing his wealth to Cuban's — and claims it is bigger — but not before trashing his fellow reality show host and Dallas Mavericks owner's golf game.

According to the gossip site:

Here's how it all began ... we (TMZ) reached out to Mark (who owns the NBA's Dallas Mavericks) to get his thoughts about Trump's interest in buying the Bills. 

His response: "He can't afford them by himself. So it would be interesting to see what group he put together to buy them. It would make things interesting."

Donald, to put it lightly, disagreed ... and fired back hard at the insinuation his bank account couldn't handle the purchase.

"Mark Cuban is a lightweight whose net worth is a fraction of mine. He was rejected by baseball and probably plenty of others! By the way, I watched him play golf and he is a total non-athlete – zero clubhead speed. He lives vicariously through his basketball players."

Trump added, "By the way, the Dallas Mavericks deal is syndicated and his partners have been fighting him over poor management. While the Bills deal would be easily handled by me, if I chose to do it, almost all sports deals are syndicated." 

The biggest losers here might be Buffalo Bills fans.


  1. And this is newsworthy because.....??

    1. Because you obviously need some reason to justify your existence by trolling all over the internet and saying the same thing

  2. Cubans golf game has no bearing on his ability to maintain his billionaire status,He would make a great ownerif he chose to pick up the Bills franchise!

  3. Jim Kelly has said numerous times over the years that he has a group that will DEFINITELY keep the Bills in Buffalo!

  4. Cuban is right, no way Donald can afford the Bills. And if somehow he's able to buy them, you can be sure they will be the first NFL team to go bankrupt.

  5. Trump would be a great owner. The guy is a success at whatever he tries. Buffalo would be lucky to have him.

  6. Hell no. Trump is a nightmare. He'd be worse than Jerry Jones.
    Cuban would probably want to move the team