Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bootleg Cubs mascot punches dude for removing his head (VIDEO)

An imitation Chicago Cubs mascot punched out a man who removed his giant head in a Wrigleyville bar Saturday.

Clearly, this was NOT the Cubs' official Clark the Cub mascot — but some mutant version of the cuddly bear. While Clark was prancing around Wrigley Field, this brute was brawling with patrons in a saloon.

Kind of like those dirty Elmos who hang around Times Square.

The video starts off innocently enough, with the bootleg mascot posing for pictures with some fans, but things turn nasty when some dude behind him sneaks up and snatches his furry bear head from his shoulders.

It looks like a few words are exchanged and then the phony mascot  known as Billy Cub — who already has a reputation for being abusive and racially insensitive with fans — lays into the guy with his clenched bear paw.

The best part? When the mean mascot puts his head back on and looks around for any more takers.

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