Monday, March 3, 2014

Mickey Mantle's handwritten deathbed speech up for auction: Report

The hand-scribbled notes from Mickey Mantle's emotional farewell address — recited from his deathbed — is about to hit the auction block. 

The legendary speech —  televised from the Baylor University Medical Center on July 12, 1995 —  includes the immortal words from the hard-living Mantle begging his fans, "Please don't do drugs and alcohol. God only gave us one body. Take care of it."

Mantle died from a heart attack just four weeks after the speech. He suffered for years from liver cancer, cirrhosis and hepatitis complicated by heavy drinking. 

Grey Flannel Auctions will be opening up bidding on the handwritten notes for the speech that the dying 63-year-old Mantle had scrawled on the back of a PGA tour score card in his Dallas hospital room, reports TMZ

It includes one of the iconic Yankee's most memorable lines from the speech  "I didn't know how Lou Gehrig could here [sic] at home plate knowing he was going to die and say he was the luckiest man on the face of Earth [sic]. Now I think I know."

The auction house said the item will hit the auction block at the end of April. There will not be a starting bid. 

The Mick played 18 seasons for the Yankees.

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  1. Just think that one day I will be able to meet Mick plus a lot of other sports hero's. Maybe they will have a game, mankind against the angels with God as the ref. You too can be there by accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior.