Saturday, March 1, 2014

High school football player gets prom date with Texans cheerleader (PHOTO)

In today's Internet world, high school kids all over the country have found creative ways to ask celebrities to their prom, and most of those proposals end in disappointment. But for one lucky Texas football player, his persistence paid off.

Crosby (Texas) High School offensive lineman Michael Ramirez got in touch with a Houston Texans cheerleader named Caitlyn and — after he came up with a simple plan to see if he could get her to attend prom with him — the big O-liner will realize his dream.

Ramirez followed the Texans cheerleader HTC_Caitlyn on Twitter and he started the proposal. Needless to say he was direct, and he put up a little wager she couldn’t resist.

He got the 10,000 retweets and will now be taking the hottest girl to the prom.

Although it looks like Ramirez had a couple of backup dates.


  1. WONDERFUL...gotta love this girl. Beauty with CLASS.