Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rex Ryan To Dallas Fans: Don't Wear Cowboys Stuff In Our Stadium

It looks like New York Jets coach Rex Ryan has put his foot in his mouth once again.  After being asked if he expects to see Dallas Cowboys fans in the stands during Sunday's game, Ryan gave a subtle warning to folks planning to wear ten-gallon hats.

"I don't know why they'd be here," said Ryan.  "They're coming into our stadium.  It's probably not recommended that you wear Cowboys stuff, I would think."

It wasn't the first time Ryan has called out visiting team fans but, this time, his joking couldn't have been more ill-timed-- considering the recent fan violence in Los Angeles and San Francisco this summer.

Last week, a soccer fan was beaten outside Wembley Stadium and died.

Ryan made the off-the-cuff comment while talking to reporters on Wednesday.  While it wasn't intended to incite trouble but, as usual, the outspoken head coach's words were controversial and couldn't have been more poorly timed.

The Jets meet the Cowboys on Sunday night for a prime-time game that will include a remembrance ceremony to the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.  The opening game for both teams starts at 8:20 p.m., so there will probably be plenty of boisterous Jets fans on hand.

Last October, Ryan told Green Bay Packers fans to watch their backs if they ventured out into the streets of New York wearing Cheesehead hats and green and yellow jerseys before a game in the Meadowlands

"I wouldn't want to wear Green Bay stuff coming to our stadium," Ryan warned.

Many cheese-wedge hats and Aaron Rodgers jerseys were spotted at the game, and there were no reported incidents.

Ryan has been quiet all week.  It's a somber week in New York leading up to September 11 and Ryan said it was an honor to be chosen as New York's home team on the 10 year anniversary of the attack.

"This week, I can't stand Dallas," said the head coach.  "But I'm a big fan of their next 15 games in the regular season, but I don't like them right now."

A silent Rex Ryan-- you knew it was too good to last.  Cowboys fans, remember to leave your chaps in Texas.

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