Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tiki Barber's Fiancee Goes Blue For Maxim

Even though former-New York Giants running back Tiki Barber still can't find a job in the NFL, it doesn't sound all that bad hanging around the Barber household all day.

Barber's fiancee, Traci Lynn Johnson, showed off a lot of the reasons Tiki left one set of twins for another in a revealing photo shoot for Maxim magazine.

For those of you picturing an unshaven Tiki, lying on the couch in a dirty bathrobe, sulking about his failed NFL comeback-- don't!  There isn't even a stitch of terry cloth involved.

In the upcoming issue, Johnson confessed that she and the ex- Big Blue make the most of their home life by knocking down shots and hanging around the house naked.

"You definitely have to keep up on the tequila shots [with me] the 24 year-old beauty told the magazine, according to the New York Post.

When Barber downs a few,  Johnson said "he likes to walk around the house naked."  And as we can see by her photos, it shouldn't surprise any one that she's not shy about going in the buff too.

"I do too-- so that's why we're such a good match," she cooed.

If Tom Coughlin knew that's all it took to make Barber happy, maybe they could have been a happy couple too.

Barber, 36, who hadn't played in the NFL since 2006, hoped to make a comeback this season by working himself into shape, but only the Miami Dolphins took a peak at the Giants' all-time leading rusher.

Since leaving the Giants, Barber had a failed stint as an NBC reporter and a divorce.

NBC is where he met Johnson-- who was working as an intern.  Barber dumped his then-pregnant-with-twins wife of 11 years for the sultry intern.

For now, it looks like the sexy, tattooed Johnson will be the breadwinner for the two.  Patron doesn't come cheap, but at least they'll save on the clothing bills.


  1. The clothing bills might go down, but the medical bills will pile up quickly...God only knows WHAT they're sharing. You took "Investigating" reporting to a new level. Well done.

  2. Hopefully Tiki won't fumble this. But as you know he doesnt holdon to anything that long. Especially a football !!!