Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jason Werth Wins Race By Ambushing Four Former-Presidents

There were no Secret Service agents to be seen, so Washington Nationals outfielder Jason Werth took full advantage of the situation by ambushing four illustrious former-U.S. presidents to win a big-headed mascot race.


During the Nationals final homestand last night against the Atlanta Braves, Werth and some of the other Nationals players jumped into a mascot race starring George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and perennial big-head loser Teddy Roosevelt and made the seventh inning highlight a little more interesting-- they mugged the Mount Rushmore icons.

At first, Werth and his teammates knocked down every presidential replica except the Roughrider, but then the slender slugger decided to take first place for himself.

Why can't Washington do this with the presidential debates?  The candidates' heads are big and empty enough already.

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