Friday, September 9, 2011

NFL Will Not Fine Players For Wearing 9/11 Tribute Gear On Anniversary

The NFL players who wear special cleats and gloves to honor the victims of the 9/11 attacks this weekend will not have to shell out a fine for breaking uniform rules according to Yahoo! Sports.

Players from Redskins tight-end Chris Cooley to Titans quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, who had tweeted photos of the colorful Reebok gear, expected to pay fines for wearing the special cleated shoes and gloves in Sunday's games.

On Friday afternoon, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said that the players would not be fined for wearing the tribute gear, despite breaking the league's strict uniform policy.

"We have extensive plans for Sunday to respectfully recognize the significance of the day," Aiello said.

All NFL players, coaches and sideline crews will be wearing special 9/11tribute ribbons on their apparel during the opening Sunday of the season.

The colorful equipment was spotted inside the New York Jets locker room this week and center Nick Mangold and tight end Dustin Keller said they plan to wear the cleats and gloves.

Chicago Bears linebacker Lance Briggs posted on his Twitter account about the possibility of having a fine levied against him for donning the red, white and blue gear.

"So once the breast cancer game is played, players can wear pink gloves and shoes as much as they like," Briggs tweeted.  "For the anniversary of 9/11 game, why is it if I wear shoes and gloves that are the colors of our nation's flag...I will be fined by the league."

"Reebok did a great job on these gloves and shoes...looks like I'm getting fined this week.  Lol!"

All the players who chose to wear the gear in honor of the day won't have to worry about getting fined this week, but let's see what happens after all the ceremonies and tributes are done.

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