Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pablo Sandoval Becomes the Bat Whisperer...and Hits Two Home Runs!

Cameras caught San Francisco Giants player Pablo Sandoval talking to his bat just before hitting two home runs to help defeat the San Diego Padres, 7-2, at PETCO Park on Monday.  If the footage of the Panda acting like some burn-out on Mission Street wasn't so cute, it would really be disturbing.


The cuddly 240-pound third baseman was spotted in the dugout sweetly addressing his bat before going deep in the first and fourth innings off Tim Stauffer.  The Bat Whisperer's two homers backed Madison Bumgarner's 13-strikeout gem.

"Just get some hits,"  said Sandoval of his apparent one-way conversation.  "That's what I told him."

Asked if the wood talked back after the motivational talk, the Panda said," Yeah, he said something when I hit it."

Not a nice way to treat a friend.  Tony Robbins would not approve.

 It was the 17th and 18 home runs of the season for the popular Giants player and his third two-homer game of his career.

Maybe Sandoval's Mark Fidrych routine could help the rest of the Giants players bats.  The team is still seven games behind the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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