Thursday, September 29, 2011

Toy Plane Bomber Used the Name 'Dave Winfield' as His Alias

The Massachusetts physics expert, who reportedly planned to bomb the Pentagon and U.S. Capital with homemade drones loaded with C-4 explosives, purchased the model planes over the Internet by using the name of former Major League star Dave Winfield.

It looks like the accused terrorist, Rezwan Ferdaus, had an affinity for "Mr. May."

Federal agents, according to the New York Daily News, said Ferdaus purchased the miniature planes, one a replica of an Navy F-4 phantom jet with a Playboy decal on its tail, by passing himself off as someone named after the former New York Yankees outfielder.

Luckily, the Feds busted the idiot before he could carry out the alleged plot.

Dave Winfield would seem like an odd choice of name for the alleged Ashland, Mass. bomber to use as an alias.  I don't remember George Steinbrenner's whipping boy being very effective against the Boston Red Sox.

Any Red Sox-blooded fan would have probably used the names of either Bucky "F@s!#@" Dent or Aaron "F*@;#@" Boone as a fake name to wreak havoc.

I hear the name Robert "F*@#!@" Andino is now big in Beantown.

Too soon?


  1. do NOT believe these toy planes have any flying range at all. therefore there is NO threat just someone who is pulling a HOAX A hoax is not a threat

  2. Incredible.
    My kids are going to love it.
    Its amazing.