Wednesday, September 21, 2011

BYU Fans Have Beef With Arby's

BYU football fans are beefing about a local Arby's promotion they consider a low blow to their school.

After turning the ball over seven times last weekend and losing to rivals Utah, 54-10, a south Provo Arby's restaurant was telling customers who bring in a BYU ticket stub, they will get a free "turnover."

Get it... turnover.


Cougar fans took offense to the gist and timing of the promo and, after Utah students posted the promotion on their Twitter accounts, the fast food joint was overrun by an angry, but pastry-loving, fan base.

The message on the billboard outside the Arby's read: "Bring in BYU stub for a free turnover."

The branch manager claims the promotion was not a dig at the BYU team and had the promotion before the game.  It was only an accident that the message was still up when it was over.

A couple of questions arise.  First, who shows only a ticket stub before a game?  Wouldn't you have the whole ticket?  And why turnovers?  Hmmm....

That's about as bad as things get in Provo.


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