Thursday, September 22, 2011

'MAGIC/BIRD' To Hit Broadway Stage In Spring Of 2012

It was always a great drama which started in the late '70's and raged throughout the 80's and now, the love/hate relationship between NBA stars Magic Johnson and Larry Bird will be brought to The Great White Way and no, that's not a reference about Bird's style of play.

In the spring of 2012, the drama "MAGIC/BIRD" will make its debut on Broadway and bring the storied careers and the bitter rivalry between the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics stars to the stage.

The white vs. black, blue-collar vs. Hollywood themes and battles for one NCAA title and three NBA championships will surely provide plenty of dramatics with a hardwood backdrop.

The play itself may not replace a LeBron, Kobe or 'Melo on the court -- if there is a lockout--  but brings its own collection of all-stars to the front court.

Hitting the boards just got a new meaning in the theater world.

'MAGIC/BIRD' has its own two stars and a pretty good bench.

It was written by playwright Eric Simonson-- the same man who wrote the critically-acclaimed "Lombardi," and will be directed by Tony Award-nominated Thomas Kail of "In the Heights" fame.  The rest of the creative team will be filled by award-winning sound and costume designers.

'MAGIC/BIRD' will be a first on many levels.

Besides the unique subject matter, the play will be the first production endorsed by the NBA (or any professional sports league) and both Johnson and Bird have provided their own creative input throughout the development of the drama.

The set will be highlighted by spectacular basketball footage.  The historic backdrops will be displayed over the stage via projector.

It sounds like the NBA has high hopes for this production about two of its most legendary players.

Johnson, who loves the spotlight as much as Bird disdains it, had this to say.

"I have great love and respect for Larry Bird," he said.  "And am elated that our personal and professional relationship will now be exposed to an even larger audience through the dramatic production."

No preview date has been released.

Just wait for those tight gold Lakers and green Celtics shorts to make a comeback in the over-priced Times Square souvenir shops.

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