Friday, September 2, 2011

Teixeira Gets Hit By Pitch; Sounds Worse Than It Is...Hopefully

Mark Teixeira suffered a bruised right knee, during the New York Yankees 4-2 victory over the Boston Red Sox, when the New York Yankees first baseman was hit by Red Sox reliever Alfredo Aceves in the top of the seventh inning on Thursday night.

Teixeira initially stayed in the game to run bases and play his position, but was forced to leave before the bottom of the inning after his knee stiffened up.

If you listen to the audio of the errant pitch, it sounds like a ball hitting a bat followed by an alley cat's "yeowwww" by Teixeira.  Nasty.


Following the inning, Yankees assistant trainer Steve Donahue told "Tex" he wouldn't be able to play the whole game.

"You're not going back out there," he told the hobbled Teixeira.

Now it looks like the slugger will be missing some games this weekend. 

Teixeira was drilled in the back of his knee by an 83 mph cutter by the former Yankee.  While Teixeira was lucky it wasn't a fastball, the ball hitting the back of his knee still sounded pretty bad and he went down hard.

Derek Jeter suffered the same kind of bruise last weekend and it cost him a couple of games.  Jeter's bruise was on the front of his knee.

Teixeira did not get an X-ray and wore a wrap on the sore knee after the game. He must be getting used to being used as a target-- it's the 11th time Tex has been hit this season.

"It got just real stiff.  I couldn't move," he said after the game.  "It's real stiff right now."

The switch-hitter's absence could be a problem against Toronto this weekend.  The Yankees will miss his big bat especially since Alex Rodriguez is already recuperating from a sore thumb. Teixeira has 35 home runs and has knocked in 100 runs this season and the Gold Glover's fielding is a pitcher's best friend.

If Teixeira misses any games, the void will probably be filled by the capable Nick Swisher.  Andruw Jones would take Swisher's place in right field.

There is still no word on the severity of the bruise or how long Teixeira will be out.

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