Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Andrew Ference Proves The NHL Is For Goons and Geeks

Staying true to his word, Boston Bruins player Andrew Ference went "one up" on his teammates when it came to his day with the Stanley Cup.  That's if if you consider bringing the trophy into a group of people who gather for a pointless act, then disperse one upping.


 That's right, Lord Stanley has been flash mobbed for the first time and, hopefully, it will be the last time it participates in a "spontaneous" outbreak of dance.

In front of speakers blaring the strains of Queen's "We Are the Champions," the defenseman walked into a flash mob crowd in the North End of Boston carrying the Lord Stanley over his head.  Hundreds of hipsters and computer geeks filled the Hanover Street block and swarmed the happy hockey player.

The poor Cup, which gets to spend a day with each player on the winning team, has already been dropped,  filled with milk and breakfast cereal and who knows how many people sloppily slurped beer from its mouth so far this year.   But its most undignified moment must be this-- being the center of a geek-filled flash mob-- doing it for the dance.

Ference celebrated the Bruins 2011 Championship by parading through the hometown streets and later visited a local hospital with the trophy.

I can't wait for the player who "planks" the trophy for the first time.

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