Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Teenage para-sailers break loose from boat towline, crash into building and power lines

Hundreds of stunned beach goers could only watch in horror as two terrified teenage girls crashed into the 13th floor of a condominium after a para-sailing adventure went out-of-control in Florida on Monday.

Alexis Fairchild and Sidney Good, both 17, were left at the mercy of the wind after the line connecting their tandem para-sail to the boat broke free and they careened into an apartment building, then were thrown onto power lines before landing on top of cars in a parking lot.

The young women, who were on vacation from Huntington, Indiana, were heard to scream out loud before they hit the high-rise balcony during the freak accident. Both were rushed to Bay Medical Center where they are currently in a critical condition.

According to reports, the women appeared to have sustained serious injuries after their impact caved in the roof and front windshield of an SUV in the parking lot. 

The impact of the girls into the 13th floor, also caused a balcony to buckle when the girls hit it. 

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