Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Caron Butler pokes fun at Tyler Hansbrough's "acting"

The Indiana Pacers Tyler Hansbrough has gotten a reputation as an Oscar-worthy actor when it comes to complaining about rough treatment in the NBA.

Last night—  against the Los Angeles Clippers— he gave another intense performance which was mockingly caught on the imaginary camera of opponent Caron Butler.

Butler made fun of the former-North Carolina star's antics by pretending to film the agitated Hansbrough after he got tangled up with Blake Griffin under the basket in the third quarter.

Hansbrough looked like he had a good reason to complain about the collision but that didn't stop Butler from going Cecil B. DeMille on him.

Even the Indiana announcers got into the act and said, "What is he doing?" and "They need to get him [Butler] for taunting."


As Psycho T got more and more steamed, Butler kept pretending to be cranking a movie camera at him.

In the end, it ended up being a comedy with Hansbrough having the last laugh.  The Pacers won, 102-89.

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