Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Patriots' Jonas Gray opened up for Screech at a comedy club (VIDEO)

Running the ball up the gut of an NFL defense for 199 yards and four touchdowns might be hell for most people but, if you ask the Patriots' Jonas Gray, doing a stand-up comedy routine just might be the toughest 20 minutes he'll ever experience.

The New England running back — who lit up the Colts defense Sunday night— has apparently tried his hand at comedy and even opened up for comedian Dustin Diamond (forever known as Screech) a few years back.

According to CBS Sports, Gray has been at the mic a couple of times and posted video footage (below) of one performance where he at least got some chuckles: 

While he doesn't get a ton of laughs, his actual performance, minus the fact he constantly looked at his notes, is better than you might expect.

This video obviously is from a few years back -- Jersey Shore reference! Flavor of Love reference! -- but it looks like the Patriots running back had a good time performing.

That's right. And when was the last time Dane Cook put on the pads?

Not exactly gold, but the reviews were positive. Here's one of Gray's performance from The Observer, the Notre Dame student newspaper (h/t For The Win):

Gray kept the audience roaring with laughter for the next 20 minutes as he talked about his experiences with online dating, Valentine’s Day and his pet peeves. Many of his jokes hit home with audience members. When Gray turned the attention on one man who was laughing uncontrollably in the corner, the man explained his laughter: “’cause you’re telling the truth!”

Gray explained how he found his inner Kevin Hart:

"One of my good friends is a comedian -- not a popular guy, but he's known pretty well on the comedic scene -- and he knew that I was a funny guy," Gray told Boston.com. "Every time I used to make him laugh, we were super silly, he was like, 'Every time you get a joke, I want you to write it down. If you see something funny, write it down. Come back later, and turn it into a joke.' So I started really long lists of stuff, and I started turning stuff into jokes."

The headliner of last week's SNF game. Could SNL be in the stars?

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