Monday, November 17, 2014

Jose Canseco wants to sell his detached finger: Report

Just when you thought you couldn't find that Christmas gift for the sports fan who has everything, Jose Canseco may have solved your problems.

The former baseball slugger and disgraced player is planning to sell the finger he shot off while cleaning his gun earlier this month, according to his Twitter account.

Canseco, you might remember, shot off his finger while cleaning his gun and doctors reattached the digit, which, Canseco's fiancee said, was "hanging by a string."

But while Canseco was playing poker last week, the finger fell off, he said, and now he wants to sell it.

He can't put the finger  on eBay, since the website has a policy against selling body parts. So, if you are bent on getting a middle finger, tweet your offer to Canseco. 

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