Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Female handball fan might have the 'scariest voice in the world' (VIDEO)

Video footage of an attractive blonde woman vocally supporting her home team during a handball competition has gone viral with local fans claiming she has the scariest voice in the world.

The unnamed Russian woman is seen seated at a match between Macedonia's Metalurg Skopje and Admiral at the Fetisov Arena in Vladivostok, a city in eastern Russia, where her roaring cheer is better suited to a lion's den or horror film.

"I was watching the game with my boy and it was going well when all of a sudden we heard this deep, terrifying sound from behind us, said one fan seated near the woman.

"We looked round and saw a blonde woman in a white jacket and bobble hat sitting and literally roaring. It sounded like a monster and my son was not sure whether to laugh — or run for it."

Since the clip went viral, other viewers have posted similar comments about the frightening sound.

A spokesman for the arena said, "Fans express their delight in many ways and we certainly don't have a problem with a woman roaring.

"As long as there is no violence, we are happy."

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