Friday, November 21, 2014

Russian boxer takes out gang of thugs who harassed wife (VIDEO)

A gang of supposed Russian hoodlums paid the price for picking on the wrong guy, after a verbal confrontation in a bar turned into a full knock-out for three of them.

Nicolai Vlasenko returned from the bathroom to find a group of men harassing his wife to get her to join them at their table in a bar, according to MailOnline.

Vlasenko, a 29-year-old professional boxer and martial arts expert, was caught on CCTV knocking out three of the thugs outside a bar in Starokorsunskaya, in south-west Russia. 

Before you start screaming about overreacting, the dozen or so men are said to be part of a local gang which has been blamed for a rise in petty crime in the small Russian town. So when Vlasenko told the men to leave his wife alone, the self-declared leader of the gang suggested that he might want to continue the discussion outside. 

Well, Vlasenko did his discussing with his fists.

Cameras outside the bar show how the rest of the group backed away after the first three are knocked out cold, instead rushing to the aide of their floored cronies.

The gang later then hired a lawyer to file a complaint to the local police that they had been attacked. However police dismissed taking action after the CCTV images showed that the man was clearly acting in self-defense.

The incident reminds me of another group of troublemakers who got their just rewards after pestering the lady friend of a dude that apparently knows how to box — really good:

Who says there isn't justice in the world?

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