Friday, November 21, 2014

Papa John's eases promotional rules due to 76ers' futility: Report

How bad are the Philadelphia 76ers?

Bad enough that pizza chain Papa John's lowered its qualifications in a joint promotion to give fans a discount on pies every time the team won.

Sixers fans, who already are starving for wins this season, can now get the half-priced pies when the futile 76ers score only 90 points — without winning!

Sadly, that's still a reach because the team averages 88 points per game.

After initially offering a 50 percent discount on orders the day after a 76ers win, the company made it easier to reward fans with a sad, but way more realistic level of accomplishment.

The worst part, according to the Bleacher Report, was how Papa John’s delivered the new deal.’s Kyle Scott posted a picture of the email fans received Thursday regarding the bargain. The subject reads: “50 Percent OFF Today — Sixers Won!”

But they did not.

Philadelphia lost 101-90 to the Boston Celtics on Wednesday. They only won within the parameters of Papa John’s new, arbitrary rule—a rule that would give the franchise five total victories for the season if the 76ers could win games just by scoring at least 90 points.

Sounds like a pie in the sky deal. 

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