Friday, November 28, 2014

Hockey goalie rushes into stands to perform CPR on fan: Report

We've all heard of heart-stopping saves by hockey goalies. Well how about a heart-saving one?

That's what happened when a amateur Canadian hockey league netminder rushed into the stands to perform CPR on a man who collapsed struggling for breath minutes before the Gander Flyers took to the rink in Gander, Newfoundland.

Wearing skates, hockey pants and one giant shin pad, 26-year-old Patrick O'Brien raced out of the locker room to help the man who had no pulse, reported the Gander Beacon.

Luckily for the unidentified man, O'Brien recently graduated from a medical program in June and is now a paramedic.

“I just hopped in and started chest compressions,” he said after the man was taken to a local hospital and reported to be in stable condition. 

“There was lots of help,” said O’Brien, who made sure to single out the assistance of others later on Twitter:

O'Brien played down his heroics.

"It wasn't just me," he said. "Anyone would have done what I did. I guess it's just where it was at the rink and I had some of my gear on. But it's what I do."

Yes he does — making saves both on and off the ice.


  1. Awesome job brother

  2. You made the biggest save of your life. True hero.

  3. Outstanding. Great save O'Brien, Death couldn't beat you high, low, or 5 hole.

  4. Why isn't this all over the news? It is a great story about an athlete doing everything right.