Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Angry fan throws Maple Leafs jersey onto ice during play (VIDEO)

The Toronto Maple Leafs got their arses waxed at home Tuesday night, giving up five third-period goals to the Predators en route to a 9-2 loss.

And one fed up Leafs fan vented his frustration by tossing a jersey onto the ice late in the third period.

There's really nothing unique about throwing jerseys on the ice up at Air Canada Centre this season. Three days ago, a number of scarves and a jersey were thrown on the ice as the Leafs lost 6-2 to the lowly Sabres. It also happened twice in the Leafs first four games, and multiple players have given statements condemning the new form of protest. But this was the first time it has happened during live play:

Luckily play was stopped for that lively exchange between the Predators' Eric Nystrom and the Leafs' Leo Komarov.

And hockey is safer for it.

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