Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mark Sanchez views Sandy's damage at Jersey Shore

Mark Sanchez took time off before the New York Jets play the Seattle Seahawks to hop on a helicopter and see the devastation left by Hurricane Sandy first hand.

According to the Ocean County Police Blotter's Facebook page, the Jets quarterback teamed up with Cincinnati Reds rookie Todd Frazier and went to Toms River, N.J. Tuesday to meet with first responders and survey some of the damage along the Jersey Shore.

"I just did my best to take it all in, give myself some perspective on life," Sanchez said after the flyover.  "To me, my life is 3-5 and trying to fight through it and win games for the New York Jets, but there's also so much more. [I wanted to] stay positive with those guys and know through times of adversity, this is a strong state, a strong tri-state area that can bond together.

"It was inspiring.  It was pretty incredible to see some of the effects of the hurricane," said Sanchez. "We landed in Lakewood and did a flyover by the Jersey Shore by the boardwalk, saw Seaside Heights and Lavalette, the roller coaster in the water.  It looks just awful."

Sanchez's aerial view with the Ocean County Police gave him a chance to see turmoil a lot worse than a quarterback controversy or locker room dysfunction.

"We were flying over it and some of the guys were in tears, saying, ' Man, that's our life, we can't go back to that for another eight months.'  And they were going to get up the next morning and keep trying to fix it."

Say what you will about Sanchez's play on the field, but he has always upped his game as a citizen. Before Sanchez took the time to lend a hand, the Garden State homeowner tweeted he was on his way to help "fellow NJ residents."

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