Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Brooklyn Nets introduce new superhero mascot

The Brooklyn Nets introduced their new mascot the BrooklyKnight (sounds like Brooklynite) on Saturday night (knight?) and the verdict is still out if it'll wow fans like Go the Gorilla or be a laughing stock like Stuff the Magic Dragon.

If Jay-Z is the mastermind behind the new Nets uniforms and the Barclays Center soundtrack, comic-book fanboy and Nets center Brook Lopez has to be behind the new mascot's look.

The Nets claim he is the first superhero mascot in the NBA and was designed by Marvel Comics staffers.

The odd choice of character for the team — with metal knees and a bucket-like head — descended from the rafters onto the Barclays Center court.  In all honesty, he looked more like an extra from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" than a Brooklyn superhero.

After some debate, the Nets dumped their old furry mascot Sly Fox for the buff comic character when they bolted from New Jersey.

For the Nets,  a team that changed their image and went retro with old school uniforms, the flashy BrooklyKnight costume seems out of place in the Barclays Center.

A tsar would have been more apropos.

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