Friday, November 30, 2012

Brooklyn Decker is happy her name is associated with Nets-Celtics brawl

The New York Daily News has always been known as one of two New York City tabloids known for their sometimes off-beat front and back page headlines.

After the Brooklyn Nets beat the Boston Celtics Wednesday night — following a first half brawl and three ejections — the editors of the News' sports section came up with the following banner for the back page:

"BROOKLYN DECKERS ... Nets floor Celts as Kris, Rondo brawl"

Not too exciting, except if your name happens to be Brooklyn Decker.

The beautiful actress and supermodel wife of former pro tennis star Andy Roddick shares the same name and took notice of the headline after it went viral.  She sounded honored to see her name used to describe the NBA scrum splashed across the back page.

She excitedly tweeted the following message to her 412,000 followers on Thursday:

"The fact that my name is associated with an nba brawl (in any sort of capacity) makes me happier than you can imagine" she said.

The American model made bigger headlines when she graced the cover of the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue holding a tiny yellow bikini.

One has to wonder how long the Daily News copywriters were keeping that "Brooklyn Decker" headline in the think tank.

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